Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Christmas time on the farm is always interesting. This year we were definatly not  wanting for snow as we have lots of it everywhere. Here in Sask it is Definatly a WHITE CHRISTMAS ..We had the fire lit and it kept everyone warm and toasty  and just gives the general comfort fealing to the house ,,  We had all the family over to our house on Dec 25.. It was a fun day with 18 people roaming aound the house visiting and have  good food. Tables were set up in the living room and in the basement and later taken down for more comfy seating. We had a later dinner this year so ended up not doing much outside.. Most of the people showed up from 2:30 to 3:30 and then we ate.. By the time dinner was done it was dark out so  the kids played downstairs with their Playstation 3 and us adults had a wonderful visit upstairs. It was a fun time..  Next on the list is New years.. how time flyes by as come new year it it is time to start planting some of the little seads that need to grow into wonderful flowers in the summer.. The days start getting longer and all the plants in the house start looking happier.. I usually start my onions and leeks  the first week of Jan so that will be the next job for me..