Monday, July 16, 2012

it's been a while

Good day to everyone who's reading this..  It has been quite a while since I have added to this blog. We have had some busy years here on the farm. In 2010 we had to deal with allot of extra water and the sloughs and feilds were  extreemly wet.  Driving truck for our harvest was a difficult chore for the old loadstar truck..  You were unable to drive in most fields with a load so we only ever loaded with half a load.. This entailed quite a bit more driving and unloading for the poor old truck. Our fields were also quite a bit smaller because of the water takeing ove.. Now in 2011 it was better. still quite a bit of water but the fields were not as wet and driving for harvest was better than  the year before.. This year it seems to be improving again.  we had a very wet spring but did manage to get the crops in   a little late but in none the less. Then in June we had it  dryer and now the beginning of July we had it HOT and dry. some places still got rain with the storms that came through but all in all dryer..  I was just thinking I'd better start watering my garden when this past weekend July15 we had an inch of rain so that will go along way with the garden and the crops.. The crops have just been flowering and the wheat has heads so this rain will help fill those pods and heads.. The  over all weather is quite a bit more humid than normal but we are getting used to it. I am hoping to pick some of my early peas today or tomorrow that will make a delicious meal. We have had beavers in every possible slough around here and the R.M. has had a bounty on their tails. They are causing a lot of damage to water ways by damming them  up and they just make messes and kill trees everywhere else. Looking over the landscape there are a lot of dead trees and bushes because of flooding and that is sad. Well I will have to go check my chickens now and I will hopefully get in some pictures soon. Take care everyone and enjoy your summer.

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