Thursday, September 23, 2010

handmade fitted cloth diapers for sale

price $10 for size sm/med without velcro
$11.50 for  ones with velcro
New born $8.25 without velcro
$10 for ones with velcro
Plastic pants new born 3 for $9
sm/med 3 for $15

shipping extra

The Diaper adventure

Well Life on the farm is supposed to be kinda layed back but in reallity it can be stressfull. It seems that growing a crop and selling to the hungry people in the world just isn't enough to raise a family .. Out here I do as much as I  can naturally  and produce as much food for ourselves as I can..  I have a huge garden to supply my vegetables and I raise chickens for eating..   I also have chickens for laying eggs.. so if push comes to shove I  guess we could just about live on our own food.. The farming opperation however is not enough to pay for everything else.. It seems eveything  else is more,, your phone is more as there is a distance charge added on because you live far out and everywhere you go is at least a half hour drive away or more .  So I try to  do other things to make some extra money, they say the trick to farming is to diversify... I   make willow baskets and my latest adventure is Cloth diapers.. This adventure started when I had 6 nieces/nephews all having babies within 6 months of eachother.. some of them wanted cloth diapers  for their babies but the diapers are so expensive.. I took the challange and checked things out and made them some diapes .. Now I am trying to sell them as a small busisness..  I make them out of sherpa cotten it is a streach kinda sweat shirt material but it is 100% cotton and then the soaker layer is a material that absorbs 10 X it's weight in liquid in 1/10 of a seccond..  the layer close to the baby's skin is a stay dry liner that wicks water away into the soaker layers.   I either add velcro or you would use pins or a "snappie fastener " to close it .. I also make plastic pants to cover the diaper  out of PUL or basicly cloth with a rubber backing or I could make each diaper have it's own plastic pants.. I make a new born size and then  a small/ med size,,haven't made the large size yet but it would be possible. this second size is two sizes  in one to save you having to buy small and med diapers..  you just fold over the front of the diaper for the smaller size and unfold it for the larger size. The nice thing about diapers is that  weather does not bother them,, they do not need watering or keeping them from frost and it is something I can do in the winter months while staying nice and warm beside my wood fire place ..

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