Tuesday, September 21, 2010

rain again

This is a new experience for me.. I will attempt to do some blogging..This has been an interesting year on the farm so far .. I  have not needed to water my garden at all this year except for the baskets and pots. It seemed that everytime my meager 17 gallon rain barrel was empty it rained once again and filled it up.. I never had to use my big 40 gallon one  and now with the frost here I  just drained it on the grass.. What a waist. I figure all in all we have had 35 inches of rain or more since the end of May... sloughs are huge  vehicals parked for storage are under water and parts of our field there is no way to get  to as they are surrounded by water..The fields are so wet that I'm thinking we will be spending allot of  our time out there harvesting  pulling out the vehicals..Our neighbours tried combining and from what I heard the combine was stuck a few times the grain cart pulled by a tractor got stuck a few times and the swather was also stuck.. I'm not sure how much they actually got into the bin as the days are so short now and with everything getting stuck I'm thinking they didn't spend much time actually combining..  We haven't even turned a combine wheel yet...All in all my garden was ok this year except for certain crops..  the tomatoes got blight, the cabbage went to seed and had no heads and the corn froze before  the cobs matured. The rest of the vegetables were fine.. the wonderful flavorfull onion, the tasty cellery, the  colorfull carrot, the beans and the  pop in your mouth peas and the not that bountifull potato.. My freezers are full and ready for winter..  just think of all the delicious stews and soups  we will be eating this winter..  The chickens turned out well and I have 6 to 9 lb chickens in the freezer as well.. yum yum.. I raised 110 chickens to compleation and had wonderfull help for the final  job of  getting them ready for the freezers.. We were all happy to take home the wonderful looking birds for our freezers. thanks to everyone who helped with the final job.  we are now hoping for nice weather so we can actually take in the crop..   they are promising us by the end of the week but they've promised that before and it hasn't happend so we will wait and see what the days bring.

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